POLAN Policy

Note: this document is a DRAFT / Work in progress. It is expected to evolve with time, to accommodate the needs of POLAN and its users.

It is intended to lay out basic guidelines for the intent and use of POLAN resources.

General Context:

  • POLan is defined as the assembled network, server, and workstation infrastructure that has grown over a period of ~15 years, supporting research operations of the Physical Oceanography Department at Dalhousie University.

General Guidelines:

  • All POLan infrastructure (including the data stored on / passing through) is considered to fall within the jurisdiction of this usage policy.
  • Intended users of POLan include faculty, their students and staff within Physical Oceanography and additional contributing researchers.
  • The intended use of POLan is specifically to support academic and research activities.
  • Access to POLan resources is a privledge, not a right, and access may be revoked at any time.
  • Prudent and reasonable behaviour is expected of all POLan users. Any use that exceeds a "reasonable share" of resources (network bandwidth, server CPU or storage, printer use) may lead to priviledges being revoked. Typically, warning notices will be given, but this is not a strict requirement.
  • Non-negligible use of POLan resources for purposes other than those intended is not appropriate. (For example, checking personal email / hotmail accounts is acceptable, but high-bandwidth downloading/storing/sharing of files, music, videos, etc. IS INAPPROPRIATE).
  • In order to enforce this policy, periodic audits of files stored on POLAN infrastructure - as well as monitoring of network traffic/usage/bandwidth - may be performed by systems admin staff.