This is intended as a rough overview about the "network layout" of POLan, as well as the resources available on POLAN servrers.

A summary of resources on these servers is presented below:

ServerPlatform/HWCPUDISKUsers PoolIntended Use
ANCHORx86_64 / Intel dual quad-core Xeon8x2.67ghz~ 6 TB RAID5 DATA storageAll POLAN members (faculty, grad students)Workgroup server
thinclientX86 Linux2x2.4ghz2x 72gb 15K RPM 80pin SCA Ultra320 HDDAll POLAN members (faculty, grad students)SunRay thinclient server
JadeSparc Solaris94x1.2ghz~ 7 Tb DATA storageJ.Sheng / R.Greatbach Research GroupWorkgroup server
PC Cluster8 nodes X86 Solaris~16x2.4ghz~100gb per nodeJS / RG Research GroupCPU Intensive Analysis
KT-4800Sparc Solaris98x1.2ghz~ 2.5 Tb DATA storageK.Thompson Research GroupWorkgroup server
BlueX86 Linux2x2.8ghz~600gbK.Fennel Research GroupWorkgroup Server
PassageX86 Linux1x1.4ghz~36gbPOLAN MembersWebsite Hosting
MailX86 Linux2x2.4ghz~72gbPOLAN MembersIMAP Email and WebMail
WikiX86 Linux2x2ghz~10gbOCEAN DeptWiki WebSite Hosting
DoverIrix SGI2x1ghz?~ 1 Tb DATA storageJS / RG Research GroupWorkgroup server