Prompted by a user request to keep some general recommended misc. PC hardware information on Seahorse, I've prepared this small document. (TDC - March-07)

More than a year on, I've made some minor changes, and adjusted the prices. See also the current workstation pricing guide (DCM - August-08)

Items listed below are just generally maybe-of-interest for typical desktop workstation people (Mac, Windows, Linux). All prices are pre-tax.

Internal HDD

Update a cramped internal disk, or just add a second internal drive (SATA or IDE).

  • 320gb for $69
  • 500gb for $85

External HDD

Handy to have for data backup. Any internal disk (above) plus $30 - $50 for enclosure, depending on if you need USB2 only, USB2 & FireWire, or USB2 & eSATA. Currently I recommend SATA disks in a $40 enclosure with USB2 & eSATA.

System RAM

So cheap these days, it is almost a crime.

  • P3 vintage systems (PC-133 Old style ram):
    • $48 for 512mb dimm module
  • Old Systems (DDR):
    • $30 for 512mb module
    • $45 for 1024mb module
  • Newer Systems (DDR2):
    • $17 for 512mb
    • $27 for 1024mb module
    • $45 for 2048mb module.
      Note: DDR2 'dual channel' motherboards require that RAM be bought in matched pairs.

LCD Monitors (widescreen)


Backup to CD or DVD

  • 50pack CDs $12 (Cd = 700mb)
  • 50pack DVDs, $16 (DVD=4.5gb)

That's enough for now I think. More things can be added as per requests.